The Successors company de Manuel García LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY I am based around year 1880, under the name of its creator Jose Martinez Embuena. It was born like company dedicated to the manufacture of handles for hoe, tips etc. and the classic sticks that usually identify to the shepherds and tratantes, in addition to the cane of aid for the mayores people.

Its location in Segorbe had to that this zone, located between mountains, allowed the care of the main source of raw material. With the course of the years, it maintained his tradition artisan, until the arrival of the civil war, event that, in spite of his transcendencia, it did not prevent that this company continued its activity.

In 1963, the company passes to hands of Manuel García Martinez, son, who extended new formulas of work and began to mechanize the manufacture process. Manuel García Martinez made a product selection, and vario the manufacture objective. In 1980, when retiring he runs, his children Manuel and Luis García overcame the reins of the business that, since then denominates Successors of Manuel García LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. The company has modernized the production system, it has mechanized it and extended his surface in 1000 m2. He dedicates themselves mainly to the manufacture of the artisan cane, and has also opened a line for the creation of the numerous pieces that compose the cane. The innovating effort has given its fruits, at the present time has been able to increase the production in but of a 300%.

It is important to emphasize the new one and debugged selection of nobleman wood raw materials, like the ebony, palisandro, etc. and the increase of habitual wood as there is it, chestnut tree, Manila or bamboo; and for the grips plastic, meth-acrylate, brass, silver, ivory and mentioned wood. The production is centered mainly in the national market, although in the last years new channels in Europe have been opened as main point of destiny, and America and Asia in background. At the present time, one has an ample range of canes and mountain phrases, stroll, collection and ortopedia.


Mr.Manuel García Santaolaria

Mr. Luis García Santaolaria